Clean and Reseal Your Concrete in Winston-Salem, NC

Clean and Reseal Your Concrete in Winston-Salem, NC

Appreciate your driveway again with our concrete cleaning service

Whether you want to clear off your walkways, driveway or porch steps, you can trust The H2O Guys Power Washing to handle the job. Our concrete cleaning service eliminates stubborn dirt that seeps into the pores of your concrete surfaces.

Stamped concrete requires a special sealant to make it ready for your yard. Over time, that sealant dulls and fades. We'll clean it up and reseal the concrete so you can keep enjoying beautiful hardscaping around your home.

Contact us today to hire our concrete cleaning service in Winston-Salem, NC.

Resealing stamped concrete keeps it looking better for longer

Stamped concrete adds a personal touch to your home, but if it becomes damaged or erodes, it's hard to make out the texture and design. Resealing stamped concrete helps it stay beautiful and intact.

You can clean and reseal your:

  • Pool deck
  • Patio surface
  • Paver stones
  • Concrete slabs
  • Driveway or sidewalk

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